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    Real clothing for real women with real bodies

    Bling clothing is designed for women that love casual, creative, comfortable clothing.

    All patterns are made for from a real body, which Donna considers her's to be.

    A lot of clothing can look gorgeous hanging on the rack, but can be a disappointment in the dressing room. For Bling Creations fit is one of the most important factors. Bling women usually don't like their knees, but would still love to wear a cool summer dress, so length is also very important.

    Once all the patterns are finalised for a season they are taken to Indonesia and hand dyed onto the finest cottons and rayons we can find.

    The prints are then passed over in the form of drawings and sketches and made into hand made screens. Just like we made at school, all fabrics are screened by hand and it is quite a timely process, The fabrics are usually layered over rice fields to dry,as they are done in lengths of 10 m. and it takes around 6 men to lay out flat. They are finally put into water and boiled to stop shrinkage and color loss.

    The process is very unique and should be appreciated as a fine art.